cloth diapers

as soon as i found out was pregnant i began to plan. i planned out everything. from the type of birth i wanted to have... all the way down to the best natural shampoo and body wash i wanted to use on my baby. this planning also included cloth diapers. i can't say that the reason i wanted to use cloth diapers was because i wanted to save the planet. (though, i do) i watched something on the green channel that compared cloth vs. disposable and it was a toss up between which was better for the planet. (landfills vs. the large amount of water used to wash cloth) the real reason was the money factor. i always hear friends complain about how expensive it is to have a baby. between diapers and formula the cost per month is CRAZY. so, i figured i could solve all of that. breastfeed and cloth diaper. viola! i'm happy to say that, to date, we have spent $0 on maintaining our little lovely. score for me! :) there are so many different kinds of cloth diapers and different brands to chose from. we chose bumgenius. they had good reviews, and i have a friend who uses them and loves them! so do we! IMG_7166 when anyone heard that i wanted to cloth diaper i got two reactions... a very sarcastic, "good luck!" and, "we'll see how long that lasts!" i have to say, negativity only pushed me to make it a successful experience. and, it is! I LOVE IT! i do a load of wash every other day. i could go longer, but i don't like having soiled diapers sitting around too long. i hang them to dry either inside or outside. stuff them...then, they're ready to go! it's really easy! IMG_7164 i also make my own "wipes". again, saving $! i use baby washcloths and a spray bottle with a few drops of dr. bronners castile soap, water, and a few drops of grapeseed oil. EASY! IMG_7170 xo