The Zoo


Yesterday we took our little animal enthusiast to the Los Angeles Zoo for the first time.  She was in awe of everything.  She said her favorite were the giraffes; especially the baby giraffe named Sophie. It's so neat to see so many different animals from parts of the world we'll likely never visit.  

I will admit as amazing as it is, it's also incredibly sad.  As we were watching the beautiful elephants eat it was hard not to be distracted by the constant cracking sound of the electrical fence.  Or the giraffes in their incredibly small space. Ivo was most upset by the apes; they're so close to humans and all looked so sad and bored.  At one point we were watching the Orangutans and one was reaching through the fence, while holding a stick, trying to reach something.  It was so crazy because his hand and movements and even thought process were so human-like.

Gah, this ended up being such a down post, but it's just how we felt. I am glad we got to show Maja the animals she reads about, but it did feel exploitive. 

Here are a few pictures from our day.  Her expression in the pictures makes it all worth while.  I can't say we'll be returning anytime soon. But, so glad she had the experience.